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Experts have been saying that the recent shift towards remote work will encourage companies towards much greater cloud adoption, especially among those in the IT industry.

Here are five reasons why cloud technology is so important for all businesses — especially those with remote workers.

1. Seamless accessibility

Usually, an organization which is operating its own data center will need to have assets offline for maintenance. On the other hand, Cloud Services gives access to information to all the remote employees they require to do their jobs on a 24*7 basis. Cloud Services also enhances the control access to specific…

Managed Services is a crucial part of any IT organization. It can be challenging to outsource work when you don’t have eyes on the implementations 24/7. Or addressing the big question — should a particular task or requirement be outsourced or handled in-house? Especially now with remote work as the new norm, which is the right way to go?

Managed Services

We understand why Managed Services are a critical component to a thriving business. For all your strategically developed plans for your business needs, PSI manages everything from user on-boarding and license subscription to network services, cloud resource management, and much more…

A large percentage of small-to-medium businesses struggle with unique technical and operational challenges. According to a survey by DigitalOcean, an increasing number of SMBs are migrating applications and data to the cloud. Especially with the onset of the pandemic, the need for increased flexibility, agility to scale, enhanced storage and cost-effective solutions has risen drastically. The pandemic has accelerated investment into multi-cloud disaster recovery, security audit and advanced data solutions.

A seamless, well-thought-out migration plan is key to ensuring challenges are at a minimum. Most often, this determines your experience after the migration. …

With video conferencing and calling the new way to host meetings, conferences and brainstorming sessions, the need for advanced features that enable and empower an efficient working process has become key.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has introduced some of the most advanced calling features that will restore and maintain a smooth work process in the on-going remote work scenario. Here are some of the newest capabilities that will support your business needs:

  • Voice enabled channels: A new, collaborative calling capability that enables teams to integrate call queues into a specific channel. This streamlines collaboration and information sharing before, during, and after the…

Like any other technology, Cloud comes surrounded with a multitude of notions and myths. While Cloud the demand for Cloud has increased immensely with more and more businesses migrating, there are still several questions that remain unanswered. Here are some of the common myths and the reality around them:

Cloud is not secure.

How can data really be safe? How can you focus on running your business and achieving sales numbers when you have the most talented and qualified IT professionals working on keeping your data safe — can you really trust them and the system? The answer is yes…

Given the current day scenario and the new remote work norm, the role and importance of the IT department has grown exponentially. While IT departments have been innovating and building new, resilient and secure solutions and infrastructures for years, with the change in the new normal working scenario, they are playing a critical role in many ways.

Applying the right technology, ensuring a seamless working structure for teams, and at the same time reducing costs or maintaining costs are a few ways aspects they are juggling. Microsoft 365 has introduced new cloud-based capabilities with their admin center to help manage…

With a constant change in markets and global working trends, businesses are always evolving their process to empower clients and employees with the best.

Digital transformation has brought about a shift in power and accessibility for customers which has enabled many worldwide. This has led to the need for comprehensive systems, right applications and innovations such as the cloud.

Cloud has seen immense growth in the last year with the pandemic causing millions to make the shift. The growth has been outstanding across multiple industries, from medical/ healthcare to banking, education and many more. …

Office 365 is your productivity cloud that can take you seamlessly across work and play. With powerful productivity solutions for individuals to tools that are made for enterprise-grade firms, and apps suited for personal and family use, Office 365 is an all-in-one solution for all your needs.

Office 365 applications

For home

Office 365 provides you with the ability to seamlessly work across devices. Equipped with features to bring out your best, it can enable you to take your writing from good to best, your presentations from perfect to impressive and much more. Organize your time and stay productive with integrated calendar and…

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a disruption in the way businesses operate. Adapting new technologies, processes and evolving operations were just a few challenges businesses were faced with in 2020. And it’s now clear that the new normal of working from home or working remotely is not changing any time soon, forcing businesses to turn to technologies that can help them through this time.

So, what are these technologies? Are businesses able to migrate smoothly? Have most businesses migrated already or are they still in transition? Turning to the cloud has been one of the biggest changes we have seen…

The term Virtual Desktop Infrastructure was first introduced by VMware in 2006 and has since been popularly used across the IT industry. Virtual desktop infrastructure is a technology that offers its users a virtualized desktop environment in a remote set up. The desktop environments are hosted on a centralized server and then deployed to end-users. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides the freedom of accessing desktops from anywhere through a client software. The access to VDI varies from organization to organization, and once that has been done, the end-user gets the exact look and feel like that of an actual workstation.

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