Office 365 is your productivity cloud that can take you seamlessly across work and play. With powerful productivity solutions for individuals to tools that are made for enterprise-grade firms, and apps suited for personal and family use, Office 365 is an all-in-one solution for all your needs.

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Office 365 applications

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Office 365 provides you with the ability to seamlessly work across devices. Equipped with features to bring out your best, it can enable you to take your writing from good to best, your presentations from perfect to impressive and much more. Organize your time and stay productive with integrated calendar and task trackers. Also maintain physical and digital safety with Microsoft Family safety and the best security walls. …

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a disruption in the way businesses operate. Adapting new technologies, processes and evolving operations were just a few challenges businesses were faced with in 2020. And it’s now clear that the new normal of working from home or working remotely is not changing any time soon, forcing businesses to turn to technologies that can help them through this time.

So, what are these technologies? Are businesses able to migrate smoothly? Have most businesses migrated already or are they still in transition? Turning to the cloud has been one of the biggest changes we have seen. Implementing the right cloud adoption and migration strategy is key. …

The term Virtual Desktop Infrastructure was first introduced by VMware in 2006 and has since been popularly used across the IT industry. Virtual desktop infrastructure is a technology that offers its users a virtualized desktop environment in a remote set up. The desktop environments are hosted on a centralized server and then deployed to end-users. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides the freedom of accessing desktops from anywhere through a client software. The access to VDI varies from organization to organization, and once that has been done, the end-user gets the exact look and feel like that of an actual workstation.

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VDI is categorized into persistent and non-persistent. …

As we head into 2021, we continue to face the reality of a remote work life. With the pandemic still raging high in parts of the world, businesses continue to grapple with the new normal of working from home. Many adopted tools and software to support and enable their teams and operations, while several businesses are still struggling to find the right support. The year saw an immense increase in Cloud adoption, too, and the migration to one, single Cloud platform as this model proved to benefit operations and collaboration between employees and teams. Has your business pivoted or changed their internal systems this year? Or are you still wondering what’s right for your business? …

Experts have been saying that the recent shift towards remote work will encourage companies towards much greater cloud adoption, especially among those in the IT industry.

How Cloud is playing a role in aiding Remote Work Challenges? Here are five reasons why cloud technology is so important for all businesses — especially those with remote workers.

1. Seamless accessibility

Usually, an organization which is operating its own data center will need to have assets offline for maintenance. On the other hand, Cloud Services gives access to information to all the remote employees they require to do their jobs on a 24*7 basis. Cloud Services also enhances the control access to specific cloud resources when needed. Administrators have the privilege to secure identity and access policies to make sure that all the employees have the required permissions for what they can access. …

In a time when the demand for Cloud and Cloud-based solutions has seen an up rise, Practical Solutions Inc. (PSI) takes a moment to shed light on its partnership with Microsoft and how this relationship is the most ideal collaboration to meet this increased demand for the Cloud.

Turning chaos to order since 1997, PSI believes in a ‘do right for the client’ approach. It’s not about simply completing the service or selling the product. It is about building a long-term relationship with each client to ensure their IT needs are always met. …

Microsoft 365 brings together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with simple device management and security to connect people and information in an intelligent, new way.

Microsoft 365 Business Applications are native tools fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Azure Applications that are meant to drive business efficiency and deliver the insights you need.


Simplify and automate everyday business tasks

· Automate common tasks without expensive development processes

· Reduce dependency on inefficient paper-based processes by implementing a modern set of tools

· Increase productivity with applications that solve real business challenges

Modernize to stay competitive

· Provide exceptional employee and customer…

The pandemic has led to an evolution in workplace trends in 2020. Businesses across the globe have been forced to adapt to remote work, and implement strategies and operations that sync with the new norm. As we approach 2021, how will the landscape further evolve? The ‘new normal’ has called for increased technical tools to ensure personal productivity, and seamless collaboration and communication in the professional space.

What has progressively become a cornerstone of most organizations’ digital workplace infrastructures, is now an immense dependency on cloud technologies and is expect to further rise in 2021. The current scenario has also resulted in a complete flip in conclaves, trade events, conferences and meetings. In-person events and meetings which were a norm, with virtual events being the rarity until Covid-19 has now turned on its head. ‘Social distancing’ has resulted in ‘economic distancing’ as well, such that businesses have shifted to virtual alternatives. …

Internet today is a ubiquitous phenomenon. There are hardly any realms of our lives left that can do without the need of interconnecting. With user numbers piling up by the second, there is a heavy reliance on data and an ever rising need to manage this humungous data. As a result, Cloud has been a buzz word for a quite some time now. On the business side of it, there has been spike in demand for storage solutions that are agile, cost effective and scalable all at the same time. As per Gartner, public cloud revenue is expected to grow 6.3% …

Simplify your lives with Microsoft 365

Microsoft is amongst the leaders in offering technology benefits to its users. We all have heard of Microsoft and its popular products such as Internet Explorer, MS Office, MS DOS and Bing Xbox 360. Microsoft 365 amongst these is perhaps one product that majority of us can relate to. Introduced in the year 2011, Office 365 is a suite of software applications developed by Microsoft, that aim to provide productivity tools to its subscribers.

Microsoft 365 or Office 365?

While the two terms are used synonymously, there exists a fine line of difference between the two offerings. Of the two, Office 365 is the predecessor, having been introduced in the year 2011. …


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