Technology and finance have gone together in several ways over the years. Now called FinTech, most of the financial activity is carried out on mobile phones, enabling more people to have access to financial services.

Apart from the obvious (increasing access for individuals), technology has also driven a variety of drastic changes to financial systems around the world and with improved security, it is reliable and efficient.

The fintech revolution is continuous, however, and the following are some of the most pivotal trends which will shape the future of finance, driven by savvy entrepreneurs.


As financial services have moved…

Pivoting to a hybrid or remote work model is challenging, and IT Managed Services and reliable, innovative applications play an integral role at each level of your organization — CXO, Managerial or Executive level. It is #TimeToTransform and evolve with the ‘new normal’. Let’s understand how Managed Services along with industry-leading Microsoft products are relevant and apply to your sector or industry.

Using applications and tools like Microsoft 365, One Drive and Dynamics enables greater efficiency, productivity and communication at all levels of the organization. For CXOs, the enhanced security and encryptions provide safety for sensitive information. …

Effective communication and a cohesive effort are integral in enabling business growth. Whether a small or large business, irrespective of industry, good communication leads to better teamwork and output.

According to statistics, effective communication can increase your organization’s productivity by 25%. In view of this, having the right means of communication in your office can’t be overemphasized.

With remote working taking over, there has been an increase in identity theft and cybercrime. In the United States alone, 13% of recorded criminal complaints are cases of identity theft.

For businesses to keep up with the latest trend of remote working, being…

The rapid migration to digital technologies brought on by the pandemic is continuing. Many CEOs are now saying that we are witnessing a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services.

As some regions begin reopening, businesses are considering how to return to some semblance of normalcy in an unstable environment.

For many companies, customers have already migrated to digital. Employees are already working fully remotely. Companies have already launched analytics and artificial-intelligence (AI) initiatives in their operations. IT teams have already delivered at a pace they never have before. …

The Internet today is a ubiquitous phenomenon. There are hardly any realms of our lives left that can do without the need to interconnect. With user numbers piling up by the second, there is a heavy reliance on data and an ever rising need to manage this humungous data. As a result, on the business side of things, there has been a spike in demand for storage solutions that are agile, cost effective and scalable all at the same time.

What are the trends expected to continue?

1. Multi-Cloud is here to stay

In recent times, enterprises seem to have…

Cloud storage has come a long way since its inception and has found wide acceptance amongst both individual users and enterprises. Remember those days when floppy disks, pen drives, CDs were used as external storage devices? When most hard drives offered meagerly a few MB of space and you still felt like a king? Well, times have changed massively now. Box, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox are the new norm — leading the era of Cloud storage.

So, what exactly is Cloud storage?

The concept of Cloud has gained traction in the last few decades, introducing users to the idea of…

As America celebrates another year of Freedom and Independence, Practical Solutions (PSI) pauses to reflect upon how we are an organization that is built on our country’s values. America’s foundation lies on many basic principles that are directly reflected in our behavior, work and lifestyles. Values such as the freedom to operate differently, our strong sense of individualism and independence to the principles of equality and a work-leisure culture and many more, that can be found in every American.

PSI, with its genuinely patriotic approach as well as being honest, open and true to its partners, has been built on…

Every business has a fair amount of dependency on technology to run efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Businesses rely heavily on networks and IT and often the investment needed to maintain an in-house team is relatively high. Small businesses even need to sacrifice the quantity or quality of network maintenance efforts. That’s where Managed Services come to the rescue. It is a way to outsource maintenance to external experts, most often on a need basis, thus enabling cost-efficiency.

Managed Services often include services such as:

  • IT Change management and communication
  • Asset consolidation and management
  • Network and Server infrastructure oversight

Investing in digital transformation is soon becoming a necessity for businesses. It has been key in responding to the disruption of work and business ecosystems. Several businesses have ramped up efforts to meet this change in 2020. Technology is no longer a choice, but a fundamental business strategy. It is increasingly becoming interwoven into every part of an organization.

Adoption to advanced solutions is enabling better collaboration within and between organizations, more personalized ways of customer engagement, better employee innovation and productivity.

  1. Enabling employees to be more effective.

Employee engagement and productivity is a hot topic, especially when dealing with…

Network Transformation is the process of modernizing one’s core network to transform the network from voice calls over TDM signaling on circuit-switched infrastructure to VoIP calls over SIP signaling on a packet switched infrastructure. Next-gen networks are integral for growth. Automation in order to deliver new services and innovation at speed are important. Enhance your network transformation services by opening new areas of growth while reducing cost and improving productivity. Enrich your workplace and refine processes with a sound system. Today, to achieve success through digital initiatives, it is important to move to a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN).

Network Transformation

PSI is a…

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