Deeply rooted in America’s values and foundation

Jay Hajeer
2 min readJun 30, 2021

As America celebrates another year of Freedom and Independence, Practical Solutions (PSI) pauses to reflect upon how we are an organization that is built on our country’s values. America’s foundation lies on many basic principles that are directly reflected in our behavior, work and lifestyles. Values such as the freedom to operate differently, our strong sense of individualism and independence to the principles of equality and a work-leisure culture and many more, that can be found in every American.

PSI, with its genuinely patriotic approach as well as being honest, open and true to its partners, has been built on parallel ethics. Let’s take a close look at a few of them and how they imbibe the American culture:

  • Support & customization — while individualism is a strong characteristic, in every moment of need, we come together. PSI supports its partners in unique ways that help make a business stronger and better. By tailoring customized solutions, our only goal is to ensure you, the client, are progressing in the right direction — the way YOU want, not the way being dictated to you.
  • Innovation in technology — science and technology has been one of the biggest game changers in the world, and our country has always been a leader in this arena. PSI reflects this principle by regularly developing its team members, who also spend an abundant amount of time in innovating and producing creative solutions. These innovations lead to not only business growth but are a major driver for change in America. Every new, cutting-edge technology that is created enables rapid growth along with shaping the future.
  • Action & result oriented — PSI cuts through the fluff to ensure we create pragmatic and realistic solutions. We stay away from the text-book approach and ensure we get things done without any hassles. The best part about partnering with us is we act as your extended arm making your success our success.
  • Work & Leisure — in true American style, we are all about work hard and play hard. With a strong work ethic and results-oriented approach, we ensure our strategic solutions are right for you. And of course, hard work is always rewarded with leisure.

Planted, grown, expanded, and proudly continuing to thrive here in the United States, PSI serves global organizations with all the differentiating qualities that make the US a strong and global leader. As we grew, we always maintained equality in our approach. We view every client as equally important, no matter how big or small. Our founder has always been clear of one thing — everything we do must be deeply rooted in America’s values. This is why today PSI is what it is — a true, homegrown organization that is for its people — both employees and clients.



Jay Hajeer

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