Effective tools for communication and productivity

Jay Hajeer
3 min readAug 25, 2021

Effective communication and a cohesive effort are integral in enabling business growth. Whether a small or large business, irrespective of industry, good communication leads to better teamwork and output.

According to statistics, effective communication can increase your organization’s productivity by 25%. In view of this, having the right means of communication in your office can’t be overemphasized.

With remote working taking over, there has been an increase in identity theft and cybercrime. In the United States alone, 13% of recorded criminal complaints are cases of identity theft.

For businesses to keep up with the latest trend of remote working, being able to communicate while having top-notch cybersecurity is crucial. Here we explore two brands and how they offer innovations with a global impression.

How does effective communication boost output?

There is no business that isn’t concerned with increased productivity. Many business owners seek means to increase productivity, often forgetting communication. Yearly, companies with a workforce of 100 employees lose an average of $420,000 due to lack of communication.

Innovative approaches and excellent ideas can only benefit you and your organization if your staff can smash goals. Owing to this, it becomes pertinent for your staff to be able to effectively communicate to increase productivity.

Using the right tools

Using the right tools and technology can take your business from its present level to an even better one. With the right applications, you can improve the communication of your business.

Technology can bring quicker resolution of problems, more engagement, faster response time and quicker solutions. Using apps like Microsoft, you can share files, work together on documents, hold conference calls and even webinars. Also, it allows team members to pass information to one other immediately.

Sending out reminders is also easy with such tools. You can address important issues without having to wait for anything.

Communication apps are indeed one of the ways your business can be up to date with business trends.

Communication improves cohesiveness

A cohesive approach to any task, campaign or project improves output greatly. Members are accountable, there is ownership of individual responsibilities, detailed updates and better cooperation. When there is good communication, it increases productivity.

Communication allows employees to be updated on what is going on in the organization. By doing this, employees can always step in when their attention is needed on a particular project. There won’t be a need to brief them on the details of the project as they are already in the loop.

What this means is that projects will be completed on time and problems resolved easily. Departments won’t need to recruit a new team member before getting the job done.

Communication and security

Improving communication means improving productivity and thus, business growth. The right tools can also help you enhance your security, keep data and identity safe. Furthermore, while riding on the tide of working from home, remember to beef up your organization’s cybersecurity.


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