Microsoft 365 features that will enhance efficiency in remote work life

As we head into 2021, we continue to face the reality of a remote work life. With the pandemic still raging high in parts of the world, businesses continue to grapple with the new normal of working from home. Many adopted tools and software to support and enable their teams and operations, while several businesses are still struggling to find the right support. The year saw an immense increase in Cloud adoption, too, and the migration to one, single Cloud platform as this model proved to benefit operations and collaboration between employees and teams. Has your business pivoted or changed their internal systems this year? Or are you still wondering what’s right for your business? Take a look at some of the top Microsoft 365 features that make it an industry-leading software to enhance productivity and efficiency.

1. Real time co-authoring of documents using MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

Easily collaborate with teammates and managers to get feedback or approvals on your work. Work on documents or presentations together, plan strategies, campaigns, projects or review performance at the same time, without any hassle. The ‘sharing’ feature allows multiple people to work on documents at the same time, make edits and plan while working remotely in different locations.

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Collaborating on documents

2. Microsoft Teams

Communicate and collaborate with teammates and employees using Microsoft Teams. This application enables you to build stronger teams by enhancing productivity levels. Within the Teams app, employees can chat, call, attend meetings, design and automate workflows together and share documents with ease. Team members can also access shared files from one single place. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams also allows you to integrate with third party tools such as Survey Monkey, Zendesk, and many more.

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Collaborating with teams

3. Work from any device, any where

You can access all your Microsoft 365 applications across multiple devices from your laptop to phone or even a tablet. Now work at ease, any time anywhere, without compromising on quality or commitments.

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Any device, any time

4. Cloud based shared storage

Being a Cloud based application that allows employees to access files anywhere, any time, the same file can be edited or reviewed without saving multiple versions. You can still access any version at any time.

5. A secure work environment with Enterprise Mobility and Security

We understand how important data and business security is today, considering the remote environment we work in. Microsoft 365 comes with additional layers of security through Enterprise Mobility and Security, reducing the possibility of hackers or any breach of data.

6. Encrypted and secure data

Further to Enterprise Mobility and Security, data is also stored on Microsoft’s physically secure servers and is protected with continuous threat management and security monitoring. In 2014, Microsoft became the first cloud provider to receive approval from the Article 29 Working Party, an independent advisory body established by the European Parliament to focus on data protection. The ruling confirmed that Microsoft meets the high standards of EU data protection legislation so, regardless of where data is stored, it’s protected to a standard approved by EU authorities.

7. My Analytics

This reporting feature allows employees to track their usage of the various Microsoft applications and even enables you as an employer to track your employee’s usage. It acts as your personal dashboard, providing you with necessary information and data.

Schedule a consultation today with our in-house experts to learn more about how Microsoft 365 can be useful for your business and enable efficient, productive functioning of your teams and business operations.

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