Role of technology in the education sector

Jay Hajeer
2 min readSep 29, 2021

With a steady rise in the adoption of technology, even the educator sector has pivoted to Hybrid Learning, a combination of both “Traditional” schooling and the implementation of modern innovations. Over the past year alone, we have seen the education system undergo a metamorphosis, with technology playing a great part in making learning more accessible, fun, and interactive. This has called for the need for better Cloud systems, robust and reliable IT services, efficient data asset management and infrastructure. Owing to the need for safe, online methods of instruction, the past year has seen the prevalence of e-learning as a substitute for traditional learning.

The role of Cloud

With learning going digital, the need to have efficiency cloud systems in place has become key. Secure storage options, not just to store learning materials, but also student and teacher data is crucial. Sufficient storage where data can be stored in a planned and sequential manner is also important. Teacher support and training on use of remote learning technologies and adaptations to pedagogy are essential. A combination of multiple modes of delivery (offline/online/blended) are more likely to be effective with a focus on pedagogy and not just use of technology. Furthermore, simply making content available is not enough. Engaging students in the learning process and a responsible actor in a blended learning environment. This is where adapting the right cloud strategies and providers becomes the need of the hour, empowering teachers to use technology In an efficient way to engage students in learning. Tools and applications like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 fit perfectly into the requirement here.

Managed Services

A reliable way for education institutions to ensure all technology and IT infrastructure is secure, robust and fits the requirements of the organization is to have an external Managed Services partner. A Managed Services partner will help maintain a secure network, ensure connectivity and applications are suiting the organizations requirements and is your support system for any and all issues that arise. Outsourcing managed services is a safe, efficient and responsible way for educational institutions to move forward. Most of all, this is a cost-effective solution.

A partner like PSI will work with your organization in a transparent manner with a skilled team who provides innovative, customized solutions based on a specific need or requirement.



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