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Jay Hajeer
4 min readSep 2, 2021


Pivoting to a hybrid or remote work model is challenging, and IT Managed Services and reliable, innovative applications play an integral role at each level of your organization — CXO, Managerial or Executive level. It is #TimeToTransform and evolve with the ‘new normal’. Let’s understand how Managed Services along with industry-leading Microsoft products are relevant and apply to your sector or industry.

Using applications and tools like Microsoft 365, One Drive and Dynamics enables greater efficiency, productivity and communication at all levels of the organization. For CXOs, the enhanced security and encryptions provide safety for sensitive information. For managers, transparency and ease of communication enables productivity and output from within their teams, and for executives the ability to work together, brainstorm and collaborate on projects makes work faster and efficient.

Education Sector

With education going digital across the world for the better part of the last two years, institutions have had to make big decisions very swiftly. Safeguarding student and teacher information, recording teaching material and maintaining digital libraries, using the right tools for online classes, while also ensuring security and a reliable network, the transformation has not been an easy one. This is where tools like Microsoft 365 also come into play to make digital learning easier, trusted and efficient. Outsourcing managed services is a safe, efficient and responsible way for educational institutions to move forward. Most of all, this is a cost-effective solution.

Finance Sector

85% of firms already investing in cloud systems, it’s no surprise how critical IT Managed Services is for the finance sector. Compliances, security, financial risks, capacity and network management are all crucial, almost life-changing pieces to worry about, and doing it alone is no easy task, especially with everything hybrid or remote. Invest in the right partner to help you manage this with innovative solutions, methods and strategy.

With tools like Microsoft 365, the enhanced security features reduce risk and vulnerability, adding to the safety factor with remote or hybrid modes.

Take a look at how Managed Services and Cloud Applications are transforming the workplace.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare has been in the spotlight and under immense pressure since the onset of the pandemic. Patient care, data security and accountability, medical histories and reducing periphery risks so hospitals and institutions can focus on maintaining and improving medical facilities are all key focal points. Having a partner take care of your IT, while you focus on patient care is an ideal situation. Reduce risks, violations and avoid costly mistakes with the right partner. With consultations also moving online, strategies for virtual, hybrid or remote solutions are critical. Managing data and information also gets safer and efficient using the right cloud tools like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.

Retail Sector

Customer support, real-time analytics, predictive analytics and scalability are key factors for the retail sector. Get customized solutions for hybrid and remote modes, that improve customer service, employee productivity and managerial solutions. Solutions are different for different levels of the organization, so understanding how this can benefit each level is also important. An MSP can help you achieve all of this at affordable costs. Furthermore, using a comprehensive Cloud based solution helps improve efficiency, have historic logs and even plan future campaigns.

Hospitality Sector

One industry that has taken a big hit is the hospitality sector. Needless to say, this sector has also gone digital in many ways to scale, reduce cost and handle risks and compliances in a better, more efficient manner. The transition has been tough and getting a partner to support with the right strategy and solutions is helpful. An MSP can help you develop a plan that suits your business, improves operations and eases this transition for you. Furthermore, a partner like PSI will help you migrate or transform your workplace with the right strategy, cloud tools and Microsoft solutions.

Media Sector

With tons of data, content and media being produced every day, the Media sector has the challenge of maintaining records, efficient delivery, high-speed, competent network and assured quality control. A partner will structure this for you, based on size and production on a regular basis, and plug in additions on a need basis. Improved efficiency, secure data and a prevention for downtime, this is an effective, reliable solution for media organizations. Transform the way you work with the right Cloud strategy, applications and solutions that focus on improving efficiency.

Services Sector
Increased efficiency thanks to optimized operations and a strong team helps small to medium businesses streamline and grow at a steady pace. With a Managed Services team like PSI, businesses have a trusted team to work with, implement customized strategies and plan for increased costs, higher risk and better processes. Manage and deploy new updates and solutions with ease and focus on what’s truly important for your business growth.

With PSI, organizations get access to an extended, skilled and reliable team of experts, innovative Microsoft solutions and methods, an array of services and a long-term, reliable partner.



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